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Custom poured concrete top.  Ogee edging with boulder stain, food preparation seal added, and gloss finish.  Supported from underneath with steel brackets.
New windows replaced drafty originals, house wrapped and new siding installed.
A new floor can completely change how a room looks and feels.  We install a variety of flooring, from hardwood, to glue down, to custom tile.
Additional subfloor added, nuheat mat mortared down, nuheat heating cable installed in traffic areas, and encased in bed of thinset.
New ceiling with recessed lighting and pendant locations over island.
A leaky pipe caused ceiling to fall in this beautiful Victorian home.  Plumber had cut original plaster crown to make repairs.  Ceiling repaired to original appearance, as well as hand forming a section of plaster crown to match original.
Huge black glass chandelier installed.  Over 30 individual lights.
Custom oak cabinet all hand built and stained to home owners needs.